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Hi, I’m Matt, Aka Sloski – the CEO of MCB Homes Inc. We’re a family-run business based in Lodi California. We Buy Houses Everywhere! You may have heard our radio Ads with yours truly singing, if so let me apologize for my singing voice in advance lol… I’m just a family man trying to have fun with life and help people along the way. We specialize in helping people get out of stressful housing situations. If you have a housing problem that you need some help with, then call us at (209) 400-6500.

I have been in the financial service industry for over a decade. I enjoy helping people save money and get out of tough financial problems. I love seeing people’s faces when they move forward with a fresh start and less stress.

Northern California! I Buy Houses Everywhere!

Do you feel that it’s too late and that nothing can be done to fix your real estate problems? Well, many of our clients have told us they felt that way before they called us. But they felt totally different after we bought their house in just a few days because their real estate problems were solved and their stress went away.

When you call MCB Homes Inc. at (209) 400-6500, You’ll speak with us directly. We will be straightforward with you. We will tell you exactly how we can help you. I believe in personalized customer service. That’s why you’ll talk directly with us when you call and we will actually care about you and your situation and give you advice whether we buy the house or not… Helping people comes first!

Every conversation you have with us is free. We do not charge fees or commissions. We will never ask you for a credit card.

When we give you our offer to purchase your house, it will not cost you anything. So you have nothing to lose. Then the decision to accept our offer is totally yours. You’ll be under no obligation. We will always answer any questions you have. But we will not pressure you or hassle you. We work hard to treat others like we would want to be treated.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people solve their real estate problems. We believe that the situation that you’re currently enduring is not your fault. Life is full of challenges for everyone. We want to be your helping hand. We want to help you get out of a stressful situation.

Our Core Values

Family First – Our family comes first in whatever we do. And your family should come first in whatever you do also. Our goal is to help your family get rid of the stress of a housing problem and get back to enjoying each other with peace and relaxation.

Integrity – We always do the right thing, no matter what.

Exceed Customer Expectations – Our goal is to Over Deliver Every Time.

Respect – We treat everyone with dignity because everyone deserves that.

Ethical – We do exactly what we say and exactly when we say we will do it.

Clearly Communicate – We understand that you don’t sell a house often. So we will help you understand the process.

Create Raving Fans – We create Win-Win situations with every client.

Have Fun – Our goal is to make selling your house fun because you’ll have a lot to celebrate when your house problems are solved.

If you have any questions for MCB Homes Inc. or Matt Bristow, you can call us at (209) 400-6500 or contact us through email. We will answer any question that you have.

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