5 Reasons to Get Rid Of Your House Fast As-Is in California

Is your California home in need of a quick sale? MLS listings are not always the best option for houses that need updates, remodeling, or complete renovations. There are some owners who are not physically or financially able to do the necessary work to compete in the California market. 

Others are unwilling to deal with listing, showings, and negotiations, preferring not to spend a lot of time waiting for a sale or shelling out cash to help buyers qualify for mortgage loans. 

A great solution is to sell the house as-is. In this article, we will examine five reasons to sell your house as-is in California.

Save Money

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When you sell your home as-is in California to an experienced professional buyer like MCB Homes Inc., you save money on showing costs and marketing costs. Cosmetic fixes, such as painting or updating the interior or appliances, will not be necessary. On the traditional market, listing homes in disrepair often leads to extremely lowball offers from bargain hunters seeking discounts on whatever work needs to be done.

Save Time

When facing foreclosure or other financial issues, selling your house as-is to a direct buyer, such as MCB Homes Inc., is convenient. If the seller has been compelled to move while the property is for sale, selling the house as-is might allow them to eliminate the time pressures of traveling between properties.

No Repairs

Working with a direct buyer like MCB Homes Inc. allows you to stop worrying about repairs, which is another reason to sell your house as-is in California. You won’t have to worry about what the inspection might reveal. You can also avoid living in a construction zone while repairs are ongoing.

No Commissions

In California, saving the commission that real estate agents take from the closing profits is a great reason to sell your home as-is to an experienced professional buyer like MCB Homes Inc. You won’t be surprised by any hidden fees during the closing with a direct sale. Through a direct sale, the amount offered is what you would receive in cash.

No Buyers Backing Out

Buyers often insist on contingencies, even with as-is properties, that allow them to back out of the deal if serious problems are discovered during the inspection. You will have a guaranteed closing date if you sell your house as-is to a direct buyer like MCB Homes Inc. A direct buyer fully understands what is involved with buying a home in as-is condition and is willing to take on the risks.

No Holding Costs

If you are thinking of selling your house as-is to an experienced professional buyer like MCB Homes Inc., then bearing the costs of two homes is a strong motivator. Relocating can be stressful, not to mention the expenses of maintaining the new residence and the home for sale, not to mention the costs of traveling or paying a caretaker.

A direct sale to MCB Homes Inc. means the deal won’t fall through! We buy homes as-is and can close fast at MCB Homes Inc. because we are cash buyers! Just set the closing date that works best for you and leave everything else behind. You don’t even need to clean. MCB Homes Inc. will make an offer you agree is fair for your home. We make the process easy, which is the best reason to sell your house as-is in California. Send us a message or call MCB Homes Inc. at (209) 743-0602 to learn more!

This article on 5 reasons to get rid of your house fast as-is in California applies to all cities in California State including, Lodi, Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, Turlock, Valley Springs, Salida, and Oakdale.

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