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Owning land has plenty of advantages, but things get a bit tricky when the time comes to sell it. If you’ve found yourself searching “how to sell my land myself in Stockton CA” then this guide is for you. By the end, you should be able to decide which option is best for your circumstances.

How to Sell My Land Myself in Stockton CA

The Common Approach to Selling Land

Whenever someone considers selling their property, it’s hard not to immediately think about finding a real estate agent. This is the most common selling method by far, but it isn’t the best option. Though a competent real estate agent can do all of the marketing, showings, and paperwork for you, they’re also entitled to a pretty big chunk of the selling price. Worse yet, their specialty is the housing market, so trusting them to sell raw land might lead to long waiting periods and less than stellar sale prices.

The First Alternative: Do it Yourself!

What’s one alternative? Well, you could always take the do-it-yourself approach and try to sell the land on your own. Basically, you’d complete all the tasks that you would have hired a real estate agent for – but you don’t have to pay commissions. That means you pocket more money and have a lot more control over how you sell your own land.

This approach isn’t free of problems. It’s tough to find a buyer who’s interested in raw land in Stockton CA – there just aren’t that many out there. That means you might be in for a lot of work. If your land sits for too long, you might even want to consider investing in a marketing strategy to get the word out. This might eat away at your profit once you close the deal. Thankfully, there’s another answer to that question “how to sell my land myself in Stockton CA.”

The Second Alternative: Sell it Fast for Cash

Here’s a great approach that very few people are aware of. It lets you avoid paying big commissions to real estate agents and waiting for buyers by taking the DIY approach – just sell your land directly to a land buying company, like what our team at MCB Homes Inc. does. Taking this route means your get a quick quote with an all-cash offer – and no commissions.

how to sell my land myself in Stockton CA
how to sell my land myself in Stockton CA
Why does this work so well? First off, it’s faster than waiting for listing and showing. By selling to a land buying company, you can close the deal within days, not months or years. It also costs a lot less on your end. Because there’s no middleman, like a real estate agent, you don’t need to worry about paying commissions or pay for marketing and upkeep costs if you’re selling it on your own. It’s also much easier. Listing your own property is a lot of work, but by selling your vacant land directly to a land buying company, you can close the deal and move on with your life.

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