Sell Land Online For Free in Stockton — Here’s A Little Known Trick

Do you have vacant land you’re interested in selling? You may have considered using a real estate agent, which is the typical route people choose, but there’s another great trick you can use to sell land online for free in CA. We’ll break it down in this guide:

Here’s How Most People Sell Land

Hiring a real estate agent is always the first thing that comes to mind when people have a property to sell. If you take this route, you’re paying a real estate agent to list your home or land on the market, using sites like MLS and marketing techniques to attract relevant buyers. Once they get some eyes on your property, they host showing and begin price negotiations with potential buyers. You don’t have to worry about doing any paperwork or marketing, but you do have to pay real estate commission and closing fees, which can really eat into your earnings.

How expensive can the commission be? It’s typically a fixed percentage of the sale value of your property, meaning you can lose thousands of dollars once the sale goes through. On the bright side, you sold your land – but you also lost out on thousands that could have been yours. It comes as little surprise that sellers everywhere are looking for better ways to close deals and keep more of their money. A great alternative is to sell land online for free in CA.

How to Sell Land Online for Free in CA

Instead of working with an agent who is busy trying to juggle multiple house sales for many different clients (and might have a hard time finding buyers of raw land), you can take matters into your own hands and actually sell land online for free in CA!

Why pay for a real estate agent who’s probably too busy to find you a buyer quickly? After all, raw land isn’t as marketable as houses, so who knows how long it will take before a buyer comes along. That’s why the DIY option is so attractive – it puts you in control of the selling process. All you need to do to get started is snap a few high quality pictures of your land, post them online, and begin your search for a buyer.

You could use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to start (you can even expand your reach by creating your own website). If you find a lead and close the deal, all of the money is yours. Another way to skip the middle man is to contact a raw land buying company, like what we do at MCB Homes Inc. We’re buyers, not agents, so you can skip the long waiting periods and commission payouts.

If you aren’t picking up as many leads as you wanted to, you can always rely on us to give you a fast and fair price for your raw land.  So, instead of wasting time and money on agents, you can sell land online for free in CA by marketing your property on your own or contacting a land buying company to get a fast offer.

Sell Land Online for Free in CA
Sell Land Online for Free in Stockton

Find out what we’ll offer for your land and sell land online for free in CA to us! Just click here and fill out the form and we’ll be in touch (or, if you prefer, give us a call at (209) 400-6500).

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