4 Hidden Expenses Of Owning The Wrong House In California

It is a huge commitment to buy a house. In the process of finding a new one, many factors come into play. How do you know if you’ve selected the right California house with all the must-haves, but having made some compromises? If you pull into your driveway, do you have a sinking feeling that you wish you hadn’t bought this house? When you made your decision, was there a high-pressure deadline? Have you explored different areas and kept an open mind, or have you only looked at one location? How do you feel about your small house being a hindrance to your daily life? Would you like to know why I have so much space? The hidden costs of owning the wrong house in California are worse than buyer’s remorse.

Doesn’t Fit The Budget

When you pictured yourself as a homeowner, eating ramen noodles almost every night wasn’t what you had in mind. Have you underestimated the house’s need for repairs? Have you spent more money than you originally thought on house repairs? You may not be able to save as much or enjoy enough entertainment in this house. It may have cost you more to insure your home than you anticipated. In California, these are some of the hidden costs of buying the wrong house.

Neighborhood Issues

You may like the house, but how about the neighborhood? If your favorite chain grocery store is too far away, do you shop at more expensive stores you don’t like? Is your drive to work getting further away? Owning the wrong home in California may also come with some hidden expenses.

Utility Availability

Is the water in your new house from a well? You thought you would save money on utility bills when you bought it. Now you realize you are responsible for all well system repair costs. Can you redrill the well system and move it if you have to? Are you tired of lugging around water softeners or paying a company to do it for you? Are you facing a tax increase of $20,000 over the next few decades because your municipality has plans to expand its utility system in your community? There are hidden costs associated with owning an incorrect house in California.

Structural Issues

You might be totally satisfied with the house purchase you can afford and you’re happy with the neighborhood… but you’ve just realized there’s a crack in the floorboard next to the front door. Your caulk shrinks. A few months later, it gets bigger… and bigger. Are you concerned about sinking foundations? Your house may have structural problems if there are new cracks around the windows or new water stains on the ceiling. Having the wrong house in California also comes with hidden expenses.

How to Escape the Wrong house in California?

Cash buyers are plentiful in California in general, regardless of the condition of the house. When using these types of buyers, you can quickly get rid of a house that isn’t right but be prepared to accept a lower price than retail. By taking over the house, they will spare you a lot of time and trouble. A mortgage restructure or loan transfer may be an option.  You might rent out a room or the whole house if this isn’t the right time to sell.

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