How Modesto Landlords Are Dealing With Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

All landlords have those horror stories about their tenants. Some never pay rent. Others destroy homes in ways that seem impossible. Dealing with these kinds of tenants is the ugly truth about being a landlord. This guide will give you some great tips to get your tenants to pay on time.

Every landlord in [market-city] has had a tricky tenant. It’s one thing to mistreat the property, but not paying rent on time or at all is a serious issue. If you’re facing this issue right now then you already understand what many Modesto landlords are going through.

Don’t worry. You can save yourself a lot of stress if you implement some of these tips that we’re about to cover. By doing background checks, writing up contracts with terms and conditions that safeguard you, and planning ahead, you can deal with tenants who don’t pay rent.

Tips for Dealing With Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

1. Focus on Prevention

It might be too late for this, but if it isn’t, work on a great preventative measure to keep bad tenants out of your property. This can be done by researching the tenant or putting them through a vetting process. If you already have a tenant who won’t pay, then make sure you prevent it from happening again – don’t show that they can take advantage of your patience.

2. Talk it Out

This is a great place to start. If your tenants aren’t paying rent, it’s important to figure out why. Before things escalate, ask if there’s anything you can do to help make the payments easier. Maybe the tenant would be more responsible about paying rent if you set up a new payment schedule. This would let them make smaller, more frequent payments, which could be ideal for tenants who are having financial troubles. If the issue isn’t money but paying rent on time, then maybe fewer larger payments are ideal or setting up an automatic payment.

3. Think about Eviction

If things are really bad, then eviction is on the table. This is a tricky legal process that will take up a lot of your time, but if your tenant is really that bad, it might be worth it. Just don’t underestimate how difficult the process will be on you and the tenant, and make sure it’s worth it in the long run. Of course, eviction is a last resort

4. Sell

Dealing With Tenants Who Don't Pay Rent
Dealing With Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

If you’re entirely done with being a landlord, you can always sell your property to a home buying company, like MCB Homes Inc. This is a great option if you need a quick escape from your tenants so you can get on with your life.  Our team buys frustrating rental properties from landlords in Modesto like you who are burned out, worn out, and just want to get their lives back.

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