How Do I Sell My CA Land To A Developer in Stockton?

Owning land can be great, but when the time comes to sell, things can get pretty rough. That’s why it’s so important to know what your options are. You may have considered real estate agents or online listings, but have you wondered, “How do I sell my CA land to a developer?” That’s what we’ll cover in this guide.

How Do I Sell My CA Land to a Developer?

1. Make Sure You Know What Developers Want

If you want to sell to developers, it’s important to know what they’re looking for! For instance, if you’re land is near infrastructures like sewage, power, water, and roads, then your property will probably be appealing. Otherwise, the developer has to go through a costly process of linking up to these services to the property, which isn’t a good selling point. If your land isn’t in an area that has these services, finding out how far away they are can help attract developer leads.

2. Try to Skip the Middleman

Keep in mind that real estate agents have a specialty – working with homeowners and buyers to sell and buy houses. Though there are plenty of real estate agents who will accept land to sell, they aren’t specialists and you’re better off selling your land straight to commercial business. After all, real estate agents will take a pretty hefty slice of the deal. Alternatively, you could get in touch with a land buying company, like our team at MCB Homes Inc., who can give you a quick cash offer on your land in as-is condition.

3. Figure Out Your Zoning Information

Think about this from a developer’s perspective: they want to get your property to build. The best properties are going to give them a short timeline before they can begin. That’s why figuring out how close infrastructural services are to your land was so important in the last step, and it’s why figuring out what your land is zoned for is important now. If the zoning isn’t what they’re looking for, they can still change it, but it will take that much longer to start their project.

4. Think About the Location of the Land

This isn’t as essential to know – interested developers will figure it out one way or another – but if you provide information upfront about the location of your land and its proximity to the city, you can speed the process along. Even if your land isn’t within a city, if it’s in the path of prospective city construction, that might sweeten the deal.

How do I sell my CA land to a developer?
How do I sell my CA land to a developer?
Selling raw land is never easy, but hopefully these tips gave you some insights into what buyers are looking for and answered that question of yours: “How do I sell my CA land to a developer??”

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