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Land Buyers In CA – Read These Top Tips Find Them

If you have vacant land you’d like to sell, then you‘re probably looking for land buyers in CA. You’ve probably noticed how much harder it is to find someone who will buy land instead of real estate. Don’t worry – we’ve packed this guide with plenty of information that will make your search a lot easier. Here are four of the most important tips to help you find great land buyers in CA.

How to Find Land Buyers in CA

1. Find Out What Your Land Can be Used for

Just like with any other market, different people are interested in different types of land. Some might buy vacant land so they can begin building a home on it. In this case, the scenery and location will probably be the biggest selling point. Another buyer might be more interested in using the land for recreational like hunting or fishing. In this case, the types of game and animals within the boundaries will be of interest.

If you figure out what you land is good for, then you can market it toward relevant land buyers and command a better price. Some features you might want to consider are location (is it in a residential area, in the woods, by the beach, next to great schools, etc.) and what it’s zoned for by the city or state. This can help you narrow down which land buyers in CA will be most interested.

2. Sell Directly to Land Buyers, Not Agents

It’s important not to confuse selling land with selling real estate. Their two very different listings that attract different crowds. That’s why having a real estate agent list your land for you probably isn’t the best idea – it could sit on the market for a very long time, picking up little attention. Instead of waiting around for potential buyers, you can sell it directly to a land buying company, like our team at MCB Homes Inc.

3. Great Pictures of Your Land and the Surroundings

Make it as easy as possible for potential land buyers in CA to evaluate your listing. Just like no one buys a home based on a few pictures and a phone call, you won’t be able to sell your land if you only have a few pictures and a description of it available. Take a lot of professional photos of important features of the lands, including of neighboring areas if relevant. This will give potential buyers all of the information they need to take your listing seriously and to decide if driving down to the location is worth the trip.

4. Widen the Net with Seller Financing

You can open up your land to new buyers if you implement some kind of seller financing system. This will let individuals who want land but can’t afford paying it all off at once an opportunity to slowly buy off the property by sending you fragments of the payment. If you don’t need all of the money upfront, this option can give you steady cash flow and open up your listing to plenty of new buyers. It’s a great option if you’ve had trouble finding leads.

Land buyers in CA
How to Find the Best Land Buyers in CA
If you’re tired of waiting around to sell your land, you can just contact us and we’ll buy it. That means you can skip all of the hassle of trying to sell your land on your own or through an agent by selling it immediately to one of the best land buyers in CA.

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