Why Won’t My House Sell In Stockton?

The news is filled with talk of a great market for real estate – multiple offers, high demand, great prices. It sounds great, but some homeowners are left wondering why no buyers are considering their homes. What do you do when you’re trying to sell a house in Stockton and it just isn’t working? This guide will cover six great tips that you can use to take advantage of a seller’s market while it lasts. Never ask “Why won’t my house sell in Stockton?” again!

“Why Won’t my House Sell in Stockton?”

1) Consider Hiring Outside Help

If your strategy hasn’t worked so far, consider hiring some outside help. It could be a solid investment, especially if it gets your house a few high offers. Just make sure you stick with the pros. After all, finding real estate agents with great track records to help you list and market your home could really turn the tables.

2) Go Easy on the Improvements

Slight renovations are a great way to attract new buyers, but investing in a novel or overly-personalized home improvements might ward off buyers who are looking for a more “neutral” home design to put their own personal touches on. More than that, making excessive improvements means you’ll have to hike up the value of your home, which will make it even harder to sell, so take it easy while you spruce up your property.

3) Make Necessary Repairs

That said, go crazy when it comes to making obvious repairs. Buyers are highly critical of even tiny problems, so make sure you fix every obvious problem you can find. Once you’re done, it might be a good idea to hire a professional home inspector to draw up a report of your home’s health. You can give buyers the report to show that your home is in great standing. This will make them confident that they’re making a sound purchase.

4) Tastefully Re-Design the Property

Design is an especially tricky thing to tackle. What one family finds welcoming another might find cluttered or ugly. Hiring a professional designer to stage your property for pictures and shows can go a really long way. Beyond staging, repainting walls, updating the landscaping, and keeping every inch of the property clean will really pique your buyers’ interest.

5) Price Competitively

If you’ve already done all of the steps above and you’re still wondering “Why won’t my house sell?”, the price might be the culprit. Try researching the asking prices of comparable homes in the Stockton area to get an idea of how you should list your home.

6) Be Patient or Explore Other Options

Why won't my home sell?
Why won’t my home sell?

There’s no magic formula – but there’s no substitute for experience. Give it some time, make improvements where you can, and keep at it. If too much time passes without any buyers coming along, you can always sell you home immediately to a home buying company, like what we do at MCB Homes Inc., for a fast, all-cash offer.

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